{May.4.2012}   R Words

My gratitude words for the day:

Relax- glad that I am starting to Relax instead of walking on eggshells or making myself sick with tention and struggle.

Realization- realizing the lies I’ve believed or told myself, realizing there is hope, realizing I didn’t Cause, can’t cure, and can’t change It.

Routine- I am finding routine to be such a comfort!  I thank God for guiding me to the right one for my family and I.

Reality- accepting what it IS instead of struggling for improbable or impossible fantasies.

Releasing- responsibility to my HP.  Phew, glad of it!

Return and Respite- together.  A return to my HP and the Respite that He and Alanon together have provided to me.

Robust- the hope to be strong and healthy again someday

Rock bottom- without feeling I’d hit it, I never would have found the help and hope I’ve found in Al-Anon.

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal (Photo credit: limevelyn)


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