{May.12.2012}   Friday

I had a hard time this morning with boundaries.  I often let my husband dictate when, where, and how we (meaning I) do something. I realized today the reason and my spirit rebelled at it.  I “jump to” because I want his help on projects and tasks.  I fear if I don’t “jump” then he will abandon the task and say, he “tried” but I resisted.  Truth is, it IS likely that he will write it off if I don’t immediately say, do, or even at times feel, as he does immediately.  It’s really unhealthy… for both of us!  I tried to set a boundary to day when he asked me to do something (now) on a whim even though I had company over.  I started bitching at him, but then reigned it in.  I DID end up doing it… but don’t think all was lost because I ended up with all these feelings I was able to process and try and identify their root(s). 

I am grateful for today. I came home 98% sure that he took the day off AGAIN and hit a bar before bringing a 6 pack home.  It stunk, but I somehow remained kind and thoughtful.  I also was able to take my luck as it came.  I enjoyed the day and the night… even after he had passed out.

I’m off to bed while feeling serine. Goodnight all. 


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